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There are many benefits of choosing official Jaguar servicing and putting your car in the expert hands of the people who know it best.

All work undertaken to the latest Jaguar technical and safety standards by experienced manufacturer-trained technicians using Genuine Parts and the most advanced diagnostic technology are just some of the reasons that set us apart.

Take into account the host of convenient and cost-effective services to minimise disruption and provide value-for-money and it’s obvious why Sinclair Jaguar is the first port-of-call for owners across South Wales.

Yellow Jaguar Brake Caliper with Castrol Edge Logo overlaid
Rear Back Quarter and Side view of silver f-type


If you bought your Jaguar after 2013 then you can confine its service paperwork to the past and enjoy the convenience of retaining its full-service history online instead.

We’ll update your vehicle records digitally whenever you bring it in for service or other work meaning you can access them at any time.

View your Jaguar online service history now via the link below.



When it comes to the oil for your Jaguar and delivering perfect performance in all conditions then Castrol EDGE Professional is the only one that makes the grade and we recommend.

Castrol has been Jaguar’s official technology partner for more than a decade and Castrol EDGE Professional has been co-engineered for our engines to deliver phenomenal performance, improved fuel economy and reduced CO2 emissions. It’s the oil that is introduced to your car once its built and we believe it deserves throughout its life.

A vital ingredient in Castrol EDGE Professional is TITANIUM FST™, which doubles the oil’s film strength and makes it up to 45% stronger than its major competitor in reducing metal-to-metal contact and delivering an unrivalled driving experience.


Oil cap being opened in Jaguar engine
Jaguar AdBlue being added


Since Model Year 2016, all Jaguar diesel models have been equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction to meet EU6 emissions legislation by reducing nitrogen oxide (NOx) levels in exhaust emissions emitted by up to 90%.

If you own one of these models, it will require Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) or AdBlue® to enable this process to take place. This non-toxic, colourless, odourless and non-flammable fluid is stored in a dedicated tank in your car and injected into the exhaust system to clean the gases being emitted.

It is important that the supply of DEF within your Jaguar is maintained as EU law means that you cannot start the engine without it. When levels are low, you will receive an advance warning from your car’s message centre so you will have time to book a refill with us.

Refills are free if you have taken out a Jaguar Service Plan and cost £29.99 should you require a mid-service top-up regardless of the amount required to reach the manufacturer’s recommended fill level.

If you have any questions about AdBlue® usage and top-ups, please speak with a member of our service team.



Jaguar will take back all on-sale vehicles and vehicle starter batteries at the end of their life as part of its commitment to environmental responsibility and in order to meet End of Life Vehicle (ELV) legislation.

Takeback is free-of-charge and applies to vehicles with up to nine seats that remain fully complete, including engine, transmission, bodywork, wheels and catalyst (where fitted).

The return of batteries is aimed at preventing the landfill or incineration of all battery types, which was banned in the UK in 2010.

Please talk to us for further information about the Jaguar Takeback & Recycle initiative.


White Jaguar SUV driving down a road

You can now book a service or MOT online or, if you prefer, simply contact Sinclair Jaguar Swansea on 01792 628717 and they'll arrange a convenient time for you.