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Posted: 28 January 2020 | Category: General

What is the Jaguar I-Pace Driving Range?

It’s no secret that climate change is a hot topic among most people today. In a bid to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, car manufacturers around the globe are looking at different methods and technologies to achieve that goal. One example is with electric vehicles, and Jaguar’s latest contribution to this exciting market is the I-PACE BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle).

When it comes to electric vehicles, the number one question on people’s minds is this: what is a likely battery electric car driving range? After all; the last thing motorists want is to end up stranded somewhere because of a low mileage range. Thankfully, the Jaguar I-PACE offers an impressive driving range of up to 292 miles or 470 km. So, with that in mind, what else is there on the Jaguar I-PACE that is sure to impress even the most hardened of EV critics?

Supercar performance in a stylish SUV form

The term “supercar” isn’t one that you would typically associate with an electric vehicle. Yet, it is something that you can easily apply to the Jaguar I-PACE. The SUV takes advantage of Formula E motor racing technology and delivers a whopping 696Nm of torque from its dual electric motors.

That power equates to 400 PS (roughly 395 brake horsepower) and enables the car to travel from zero to 60 mph in an earth-shattering 4.5 seconds. With such impressive statistics, it’s no wonder that the Jaguar I-PACE can easily be a contender for many combustion engine supercars on the market today.

Perfect road-handling capabilities

As you might expect from Jaguar, the I-PACE SUV can hold its own on the road. For a start, the model features all-wheel-drive (AWD). Each electric motor is placed on the front and rear axles respectively, ensuring a low centre of gravity for the car. As a result, the near-perfect weight distribution, coupled with optional electronic air suspension, make the Jaguar I-PACE one of the best handling vehicles on the road.

Advanced BEV technology

The Jaguar I-PACE is available to buy with optional Adaptive Dynamics technology. In a nutshell, this allows your I-PACE to deliver a precise, luxurious ride by monitoring an array of vehicle movements hundreds of times per second.

Torque vectoring offers drivers sports car-like agility and enhanced braking capabilities. The Jaguar I-PACE even comes with Low Traction Launch Control, offering you optimum torque control from a standing start in challenging conditions. Once the car reaches 18 mph, the I-PACE seamlessly reverts back to the currently select driving mode.

Enhanced brake regeneration converts energy usually wasted from braking into a usable format to help increase your battery range. Plus, during start-stop driving in rush-hour conditions, you can even increase the level of regenerative braking.

Discover the new Jaguar I-PACE at Sinclair Jaguar

If you’d like to learn more about the Jaguar I-PACE and to find out how it will best meet your needs, why not head down to your nearest Sinclair Jaguar dealer? Alternatively, you can request one of our friendly sales team to call you for more information.