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Posted: 15 January 2021 | Category: General

What are the pro's and cons of the Jaguar F-Type P575?

Yellow Jaguar F-Type

If you have a passion for performance and getting the most out of your vehicle then it shouldn't be a surprise to you that you might be considering purchasing the Jaguar F-Type. It delivers one of today's most enjoyable driving experiences. Whether you choose the convertible option, or hard top, the Jaguar F-type is likely to not disappoint. But you may be wanting to be logical with your choice and consider the pros and cons. Here are some of them to help you decide.

Some of the specifics

ENGINE:  5.0l supercharged petrol V8
POWER: 423kW/700Nm
GEARBOX: 8-speed automatic, AWD

Pros of buying a Jaguar F-Type P575

It is worth starting with some of the positives when it comes to the Jaguar F-Type P575 and there are many in general. There is the performance, the reliability and the designer sleek look. But here are a few specific pros to considering purchasing the Jaguar F-Type P575:

  • A sharp new look with classic proportions and design
  • Jaguar appropriate refinement and comfort. Something all Jaguar customers have grown accustomed to.
  • Jaw-dropping performance
  • There is a real sense of a plush and luxurious interior and cabin space
  • Sensation engine note
  • Amazing pace

Other things you can learn to expect when it comes to the Jaguar F-Type P575 are the 20” alloy wheels, and the new and improved engine using the V8 giving you 567bhp. It isn;t an enormous car, but the benefit of this vehicle is the cabin doesn't make you feel hemmed in or chaostrophic, even though it may be smaller than its predecessors. The last major benefit to this vehicle is the driving experience and the sound. Some drivers live for that moment and this vehicle certainly delivers it.

Cons of buying a Jaguar F-TYPE P575

Of course, there are other factors to consider and it isn’t all perfect with the Jaguar F-Type P575. While we have said the interior is plush and luxurious, we also mentioned that it was on the small side. Some might say that it was snug. Some of the other reported cons of this vehicle include:

  • A harsh ride in terms of the suspension
  • The handling may be questionable to some
  • And the snug cockpit.

Jaguar F-Type Interior

A few more facts to mention

The chassi has been comprehensively revamped to make sure that this new facelift model looks and feels like a brand new vehicle. Jaguar are definitely trying to rival the likes of Porsche and Mercedes AMG and while they may not have got it 100% right, it is definitely a vehicle to contend with some of the other vehicles out there.

How fast? 186mph, 0-62mph in 3.5sec
How economical? 26.4mpg
Boot size: 336 litres

Hopefully that has helped you to be more informed on the Jaguar F-Type P575.

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