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Posted: 18 February 2020 | Category: General

Updated Jaguar F-Type Unveiled

2019 New Jaguar F Type Red

Though it was seen as a little expensive, the New Jaguar F-Type held up with a gorgeous interior, balanced ride and a plethora of tech upgrades from the previous year. It’s also known for being a rather uncommon sight on the road, making it somewhat elusive which pleased many long-time Jaguar enthusiasts. Its popularity didn’t go unnoticed, and the new Jaguar F-Type answers many of the concerns that car enthusiasts had with the previous model.

Changes to the update Jaguar F-Type

The updated Jaguar F-Type features some noticeable body changes, such as the slimmer front and different LED headlight design that is similar to the Jaguar XE. The front grille has also been changed slightly, sporting a much sharper chin spoiler. The tailgate has also been tweaked slightly and the brake light clusters have gone through a minor change. In terms of quality and construction, most of the elements remain the same with the exception of the seats which now feature trimmed soft leather that feels more premium.

Something different about the interior that you’ll immediately notice is the new central touchscreen that is compatible with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, a first for the Jaguar F-Type. This system will be compatible with over-the-air updates, so you won’t need to worry about maintaining the system yourself.

Engine option changes

Some enthusiasts will be unhappy to see that the six-cylinder option has been removed. It’s suspected that a six-cylinder mild-hybrid will arrive later, but there’s no concrete information regarding whether this is confirmed or not. In addition, the six-speed manual transmission has also been dropped, making the only option available an eight-speed automatic. While a popular engine option has been removed, the upgraded interiors may make up for it depending on what you’re looking for in your car.

What’s left are two engine options; a 2.0-litre four-cylinder and a 5.0-litre V8 with two power output options. One is a 444bhp (P450) option with rear or all-wheel drive, and there’s also a 566bhp option with standard all-wheel drive.

Overall, there are some welcome additions to the updated Jaguar F-Type that car enthusiasts will be happy to see, but it’s likely not enough of a change to make it a must-have upgrade if you own the previous model. Of course, there’s always the option of trading in your older Jaguar F-Type, but you may want to hold off and wait for a later refresh with more changes.

Interested in the upgraded Jaguar F-Type?

If you’re considering the new Jaguar F-Type as your next car or would like more information regarding the vehicle, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Sinclair Jaguar in South Wales. Formerly known as Stratstone Jaguar, we offer the entire range of updated Jaguar vehicles in our centres across the region. If you’re looking for your next ideal car, we’ll be happy to assist you and offer professional advice on all the new Jaguar models and the updated F-Type with its engine options.