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Posted: 23 March 2021 | Category: General

Jaguar to go all-electric by 2025

Jaguar vehicle with green reveal sheet over it

Jaguar is known for its luxurious cars. The UK automaker has said that by 2025 it will be completely electric, which is exciting news for eco-conscious drivers and renewable power enthusiasts. One of the critical drivers for this considerable impact is a £2.5 billion investment in electrification technologies.The initial move will see the phasing out of the combustion engines and a move from the Castle Bromwich plant to Solihull.

Thierry Bollore, the chief exec of JLR, has said that they will look to repurpose the old Castle Bromich site. However, he didn’t explicitly say what for. Although the EMA platform will accept hybrid powertrains, Jaguar has decided that it will only use full battery-electrics. An exciting move is there are no planned discontinuations, and all models will be electric.The plan does have a cost, though. The Jaguar XJ is no longer going to go ahead.

The Jaguar XJ replacement is no longer going to be part of the electric lineup. While they may keep the nameplate, it was cancelled last-minute. After several years of development, this was a surprising move.Going electric by 2025 is not Jaguars only goal; they are also planning to be net-zero by 2039.Net-zero is also known as carbon neutrality. Net-zero means that Jaguar will achieve a balance between the greenhouse gases put into the atmosphere and those taken out. In terms of car manufacturing, both electricity and hydrogen are vital factors.

Part of the net-zero effort will include Jaguar looking at using hydrogen fuel-cell power and their battery-electric vehicles. They already have a hydrogen fuel-cell prototype in development, and we should see it on UK roads within the year.The hydrogen fuel-cell technology provides electric power but doesn’t produce any emissions. The only by-product is water.The hydrogen used for the fuel-feel will need to be produced using renewable sources to be entirely environmentally friendly.

Land Rover is set to go electric by 2024 too. Launching six electric models over the next five years, however, they will continue to offer their hybrid line until 2036. There might be some changes for Jaguar to ensure they can continue to manufacture the JLR lines in the UK. Currently, the manufacture of the i-Pace is outsourced to Austria - which means they lack expertise in the UK.The Jaguar i-Pace SUV is the brand's only fully electric car to date.

With the £2.5 billion invested, there will also be an increase in the number of connected services. These investments in technology and services will ensure that the customer’s experience and journeys will be the standard expected when driving a Jaguar.The approach that Jaguar is taking will allow them to keep and even improve upon their luxurious models.“It’s time to imagine the next chapter for both brands,” said Chief Executive Thierry Bollore.Jaguar is facing the same challenges as many carmakers, and it’s paced approach should keep the iconic brand as luxurious and iconic as it has in previous years. Expect the power and drive of a combustion engine, but eco-friendly and electric.

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