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Posted: 06 August 2020 | Category:

Jaguar Land Rover To Develop A Hydrogen Fuel Cell SUV

Jaguar Land Rover Plans In Motion To Create A Sustainable SUV

Following on from Jaguar's success producing an eco-friendly electric vehicle, the Jaguar I-Pace. Jaguar Land Rover is now committing its resources towards creating another sustainable vehicle design.

The new vehicle, powered by hydrogen fuel cell technology, is set to become the choice of transport for the public in the next few years. At present, the vehicle is referred to as a Jaguar Hydrogen Cell SUV.  

Project Zeus - Industry Leaders Join Together

Jaguar Land Rover has decided to use its vast experience and extensive knowledge in the automotive industry and join forces with various industry leaders in the UK to complete Project Zeus. 

Project Zeus embodies the research, science, engineering, design, evaluation, and creation of the upcoming Jaguar Hydrogen Cell SUV. JLR has decided to activate the project with some of the UK's most reputable industry leaders in the automotive sector. The companies are as follows, Marelli Automotive Systems, Delta Motorsport, and UKBIC. 

Since 2019, each corporation has committed to devoting a substantial amount of time and resources to evaluating and researching the smartest way to create hydrogen technology. To ensure they deliver an SUV. 

With multiple leading companies working together, Project Zeus shall be ready in what is thought to be just a few years. The turnaround period is expected to be much faster due to the project being a joint venture.

To manage and oversee the project through to fruition, due to his impeccable leadership qualities, Ralph Clague was appointed the head of hydrogen and fuel cells at JLR in March 2019.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Prototype Specification

As defined by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, JLR is creating a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle prototype which shall deliver zero emissions and incorporate the usual Jaguar Land Rover vehicles attributes, such as;

  • Quick fuel refills
  • Off-road capabilities
  • Low-temperature performance
  • Long-range

The design of the vehicle will also replicate Jaguar Land Rovers' typical prestigious and impressive design.

About JLRs' Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle 

It’s essential to note that creating the Jaguar Hydrogen Cell SUV is not to by any means in motion to replace electric vehicles. 

Jaguar Land Rovers' prime objective is to develop another, improved sustainable vehicle for the UK. Although, in comparison to electric cars, hydrogen-powered cars will, of course, provide the cleanest energy from vehicles that exist. This is beneficial for customers who are keen to reduce their carbon footprint. The hydrogen fuel cell SUV shall be another spectacular Jaguar Land Rover vehicle set apart from its petroleum fuel using counterparts.

Jaguar Land Rover understands the significance of helping to preserve and protect the environment. Because of this, JLR works tirelessly to incorporate eco-friendly practices throughout its products and business operations.

Sinclair Jaguar

As Sinclair Jaguar in Swansea offers an extensive range of approved New Jaguars which have experienced moderate use. Furthermore, on project Zeus's completion, Sinclair Jaguar shall eventually access the new collection of hydrogen cell fuel vehicles. Customers in Swansea shall be able to visit Sinclair Jaguar and test drive one of Jaguars' most innovative, futuristic creations.