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Posted: 20 April 2021 | Category: General

Jaguar Land Rover Introduces New Cabin Purification System to Prevent Virus Spreading

Jaguar Land Rover's Purification Technology

Jaguar Land Rover and it’s new cabin purification system

The new air filtration system that will be used in car interiors will help to inhibit up to 97% of harmful bacterias and viruses in our atmosphere, including the dreaded COVID-19. It’s currently at its prototype stage but certainly something that has been actioned fairly quickly in order to help with minimizing the spread of the virus.

This will also be a system that is capable of deodorising the car’s interior, helping to remove allergens which can be really helpful for those who are sensitive to certain things or have allergies. For Jaguar Land Rover, it’s all about providing the cleanest and safest environment when it comes to the car.

How does it work?

So how does it work? Well the system itself works with technology that’s come from Panasonic. It’s called nanoe X. This is a high voltage system that ends up creating trillions of Hydroxyl Radicals. These are highly reactive with the airborne contaminants that they come into contact with, effectively removing the danger of the bacterias in the air.

It breaks down their structure, meaning the bacteria or viruses are unable to grow or reproduce. From tests done so far, it removes 97% of bacteria over the 30 minutes and 99.995% of COVID-19 during a two hour lab test. That’s pretty effective percentages!

The technology is a great way of showing that we’re able to take nature, a force that is somewhat uncontrollable and effectively control it. It’s great that a car manufacturing company is taking this initiative to make a confined space like a vehicle, safe again.

These Hydroxyl Radicals are natural oxidants that help to clean the atmosphere. They’re very important to have and with this technology along with these natural oxidants, hopefully it could transform the vehicle cabins of the future.

It’s also said that the system could be controlled through a smartphone device, which is pretty standard for most things nowadays anyway. It probably won’t be too hard to navigate that development.

The future of Jaguar Land Rover

JLR hasn’t confirmed when this technology is going to be readily available on the market and which production models will receive the system first. This system could be something that we eventually see in all their vehicles in the future, especially as the need for purification in the air is likely going to be more important moving forward.

With vehicles that are pre-purified before entry, it’s going to really help stop the spread of this virus and future ones. There are also other companies attempting to do the same.

If you’re looking to purchase a new or used Jaguar vehicle, then Sinclair Jaguar is an approved supplier and offers a range of cars that could also feature this new cabin purification system in the future!