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Posted: 14 July 2021 | Category: General

Jaguar I-Pace Electric Review

Silver Jaguar I-Pace with car on rack in front of a waterfall

Jaguar I-Pace Electric Review – Range, Price, & Features

The Jaguar I-Pace has made its mark in electric cars through its brilliant and rare reviews, awards, and performance. 

  • Price of the Jaguar I-Pace
  • The I-Pace awards
  • The interior and exterior of the I-Pace
  • The driving range
  • The I-Pace charging requirements and properties
  • Insurance

The Jaguar I-Pace ticks most, if not all, boxes in what to expect in an electric car. The design, appearance, performance, and accessories are pretty unique and up-to-standard to have the perfect cruise. The reviews, praises, and awards by people who have used it and the entire motor vehicle community show more to its perfection. With electric car manufacturing currently taking centre stage in every production line, the competition to produce the most efficient and brilliant vehicle has gone up a notch. Jaguar house has taken it a notch higher by raising battery, mileage, and design performance. Of course, with these classics, you do not expect them to come cheaply. But, on the bright side, it will give you value for money. 

This fully electric SUV potential using its updates and accessories, cannot match any other rival's vehicle. However, its eco-friendly nature and ability to break barriers have been the cause of the numerous awards and praises, even against its German opponents. 

Price of the Jaguar I-Pace

As this is the first Jaguar e-car, many people did not expect its price range above the Tesla premium. However, for the value and performance of this vehicle, it is worth it. For a mere £ 65 000, you can get yourself this all-electric SUV car. It is important to note that the price will vary according to the version of the car, though the base price will remain at 65,000. However, for used Jaguar vehicles, the cost can drop slightly under the £60,000 mark, which can be somewhat affordable if you get a well-maintained car. 

The I-Pace Awards

Jaguar I-Pace prides itself on its multiple awards since its launch – 63 trophies and still counting. It is among the top vehicles in numerous categories, thus elaborating its worthiness in motor vehicle performance and environmentally friendly machines. It has even broken the record by winning an unprecedented treble in the 2019 automotive awards. The perse nature of the awards is a tribute to the designers and manufacturers for a job well done. 

Being the first of its kind in the Jaguar family, the reception and awards made it a big brand in the system, so much that it was known as the most decorated vehicle among the electric cars. Moreover, its international and regional awards in various countries like Germany, Scotland, United Kingdom, Canada, and Europe are not a compliment that you can overlook. From the best designed and eco-friendly vehicle of the year, the best SUV of the year, and the world car of the year, these accolades cannot get any bigger. Additionally, various programs and boards have given this fully electric vehicle five stars in safety, performance, design, eco-friendliness, comfort, and drive, which further stamps its impression in the market as one of the best all-electric SUVs. 

The Interior of the I-Pace

The exterior design of this piece of beauty will always give you a reason to fall in love with it. The interior is no different; it follows through with exquisiteness and classiness. There are many features in the cabin that promotes your sense of comfortability before and during your ride. These standard features ensure that you can enjoy your drive from the balance, seat comfortability, space, additional navigation, and infotainment features in the vehicle. 

The Jaguar SUV’s designer, Ian Callum, seems like he had all these features planned to give the driver a smooth yet entertaining cruise. The touch pro duo ensures you have control of most of the elements at the touch of the button. Though it can take you a while to get going and grasp its hang, it is a beneficial tool in ensuring you have a smooth drive. It also has an additional informative panel where you can set it to display different pieces of information as per your choice. 

The cabin is generally spacious. The careful yet witty positioning of the battery packs at the base centre of the vehicle contributes to the car's weight balance. It provides a reasonable amount of space in the interior. You will get many standard tools and controls within the driver's reach, which will help maintain the temperature with the four one climate control and purification and filtration controls. 

Besides the standard tools and equipment that enhance the comfortability of the I-Pace, you can also have additional features like cabin pre-conditioning to ensure you achieve the desired temperature in the cabin. This feature manages the amount of energy used in temperature controls before you can start your drive. The good news is it does not utilise battery power. And to think you can achieve all these while using your remote app, quite a valuable piece of technology, right?

The Driving Range

There is no hiding the speeds in which electric cars can achieve in general; the Jaguar I-Pace is no exception. Its acceleration that clocks approximately 4.5 sec from 0-60mph makes it stand out from other electric cars. You can quickly achieve a motorway speed of up to 70mph, where you can enjoy your quiet and undisturbed ride. Unfortunately, some people often classify this ride as boring due to the monotony of the simplified electric cars. 

The interference in urban drives due to many activities in the area makes it difficult to achieve maximum speed. Therefore, you will most likely have a slower pace in these areas. However, with additional features Jaguar features in the updates and upgrades, the urban drive will be much easier and have a more comprehensive range. 

It is important to note that the Jaguar I-Pace gives a combined total range of approximately 253 miles depending on the variant. You will probably do fewer miles in an urban drive due to the multiple stopovers for reasons like site seeing or photography. On the other hand, since the motorway drive is more straightforward, you will likely get more mileage from the charged batteries. 

The I-Pace Charging Requirements and Properties

The battery packs and the charging properties of electric cars are the heart of the systems. So it is the most important specification of the Jaguar. The I-Pace has a Lithium-ion 90 kWh battery pack fitted at the vehicle's centre, and its power is distributed equally to both axels. As is expected, the battery capacity can last the car up to 253 miles, where you will need to replenish your batteries. The Jaguar has an onboard charger that is 11.0 kW and allows for fast charging. It can achieve at least 80% of its charge within 40mins with the DC fast-charging port. Without this provision, you will have to wait for at least 8 hours to charge the batteries fully. The older version with the 7kW charger can take up to 13 hours to fully charge the batteries. 

There are numerous charging points across different countries. You only need to identify the electric cars I-Pace charging points using your google maps or the Jaguar's navigation maps, like in gas refill stations. With people embracing the electric cars technology, more charging points spread across different countries of different models that might be compatible with the I-Pace. Some Tesla destination charging stations are consistent with the Jaguar I-Pace. 

Once at the charging station, you will have to turn off the vehicle, connect the charging cable to the charging point port, and start charging using Chargepoint car or your preferred mode of payment. The Jaguar I-Pace comes with two different charging cable types, which you can charge with: the DC level 3 or AC level 2. You will have different options when paying for your charging services. Generally, the Jaguar remote app will guide you into the different modes of payment, including Google pay or Apple pay. The cost usually ranges from £21.60 to charge up to 80% of the battery in public charging points and only £14.60 when using home chargers. 

You can also choose to install a home wall charger in your home, which will ease your charging process and usage. To get your wall home charger, you can contact your Jaguar dealer and have them install the charger. However, you need to note that you will have to call the dealer back to disconnect and dismantle for reconnection in your new home while shifting. The home charger usually uses a Level 1 or 2 cable, where the former uses the standard three-pin socket. 


With its high buying price and maintenance costs, you will have to pay high insurance premiums for this fully electric vehicle. Therefore, brace yourself accordingly. The beauty of the Jaguar I-Pace is inconceivable. With whatever it has achieved since its launch, it suffices to say that it raised the standards in electric cars. Fortunately, there is still much more to come with this car. 

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