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Gender Pay Gap at Sinclair Group

Sinclair Group Gender Pay Gap Report 2017

The Sinclair Group has been operating since 1945 and ever since then we have taken enormous pride in the way we have treated our colleagues with the utmost Respect and Trust which is one of our distinctive values. We invest in and are committed to developing the careers and skills of our colleagues to be the best they can be and also to recruit the best people into our business regardless of gender.

Like all motor trade businesses, we have traditionally been a male dominated environment. However as times have changed and as the company has grown, we have improved our diversity and inclusion.

As an industry the motor trade workforce has a 19% female representation.

  2010 2017
Total employees 600 880
Males employed 467 650
Females employed 133 230
Female Managers 11 20
Female Sales Execs 8 25
Female Technician Apprentices 0 3


This report outlines our results on Gender Pay Gap. As outlined in the recent legislation, the calculations have been done on people employed on a snapshot date of April 2017.

The pay gaps reported are driven from the fact that there is a greater proportion of male employees in the more senior and well-paid positions and also those roles that tend to attract higher bonuses such as Sales Executives and Technicians. As can be seen from the figures above, we have made strides in recent years to increase the number of females in these roles and will continue to do so.

Pay gap differences do not indicate an equal pay issue, separate to this reporting requirement we constantly check and maintain pay equality of equivalent jobs to ensure that pay and bonus payments are fair to all. Where there is disparity of pay in the same job, this is due to levels of skill, qualification and experience rather than any other contributing factor.

The information below relates to the total employees in the Sinclair Group.

The Mean Pay Gap shows the percentage difference in average pay between males and females when you look at hourly rate plus bonus pay.

The Median Pay Gap is the midpoint between the highest and lowest paid again showing the percentage difference males and females.

These figures were calculated for pay during April 2017.

Mean Gender Pay Gap 20%
Median Gender Pay Gap 19%


Gender Mix by Quartile

Graph showing Gender Pay Gap

Andy Sinclair
Sinclair Group Managing Director

Judith Sadler
Head of Human Resources